Jamie Greene (Drums)

Jamie Greene (Drums)

Jamie Greene is one of the founders of MVT, and has been there since its start in 2011. Jamie was the recording and mixing engineer on MVT's first album "Put Me In The Zoo" and if that's not enough, he also was the drummer. Jamie discovered his passion for music at a very young age, and quickly went from banging on pots and pans as a toddler, to his first miniature drum kit at age seven. Jamie's unmatched skill on the drum kit is a direct result of countless hours of practice and dedication. He studied music vigorously with Dave Cohen through his early years, also playing in his high school drum line and Celtic group. He received many accolades throughout high school and went on to study music recording at FLCC where he graduated in 2011. Along with Put Me in The Zoo, he also played kit on the Tribe's more recent album "Long Drives, Late Nights". He also will be on a few yet to be released projects. One of which is the newest album from folk/americana group Mammal is a Mountain, and the other is an EP to be released soon by broadway and hollywood actor/singer Tim Mitchum.  Jamie's drums can be heard on countless recordings.

"Sweet Tooth For Sweet Tunes" - (2015 album) Upward Groove

"PYGFO" - (2015 Single) Upward Groove

"Need Someone" - (2015 Single) Upward Groove

"Long Drives, Late Nights" - (2014 album) MVT

"Live on the Last Day of June" - (2012 EP) Mammal is a Mountain

"Put Me In The Zoo" - (2011 album) MVT

"This Side of the Great Divide" - (2010 album) Caleb Spaulding

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