Michael Vadala (Keys)

Michael Vadala (Keys)

     Its me, Mike Vadala! I got my start at a young age taking lessons with Julie DiSanto when I was seven. At that time, sports, video games, friends and other of life's goodness were keeping me too occupied to make music my true passion; but the skills I developed through my early years of piano lessons have truly paid off when I look back. At age 16 I joined my first band, Critical Theory. CT had some extremely talented members including Paulie Phillippone from Big Mean Sound Machine, Luke Perry from Personal Blend, Mike Gerbino and Al Williams from People With Teeth, and Frost School of Music graduate Ben Tiberio. These people helped shape the musician I am today, and I'm so thankful, especially to my great friends Paul and Luke, for the influence they had on me! 

      So, it was time for college. I decided to go off to FLCC for Music Recording Technology, where I met most of MVT's members, and made one of my best friends to this day, Jamie Greene. Jamie and I played xbox and partied together for a year before it ever occurred to us that we should be making music together! But once we began amazing things started happening. Jamie was kind enough to choose my material to record on his final recording project at FLCC, and it became my first album "Put Me in The Zoo", named after one of my favorite children's books by Robert Lopshire. The album also featured some of my best friends: Jameson Dunham (bass), Ryan Hobart (trumpet), and Spencer Waasdorp (Guitar). Jameson, Jamie and I began taking paid gigs around Canandaigua and Rochester as a trio, and were playing mostly our quiet, jazzier songs.

     In 2012, the group began to form into the Tribe that it is today. Jamie introduced me to his high school buddy Aaron Davis, and before we knew it we had a saxophone player. Next thing we knew, Ryan Hobart became a regular at MVT practices and concerts playing trumpet, Luke Perry jumped in on trombone, and we had a full on funk group. We began taking bar gigs in the Rochester area, and playing some bigger shows opening for acts like Mikaela Davis and Joywave.

    When 2013 came, we made a switch on bass and added a guitarist. Eli Flynn and Ben Crossgrove to this day are some of my favorite young musicians in Rochester. Not long after adding these two, Matt Billings joined the group, completing the quintet who recorded our 2014 album/video series "Long Drives, Late Nights". These musicians were also on our 2014 project "Rochester Radio" which featured singer Taylor Eike and rapper Stephan Louis on three more in-studio music videos.

    My favorite memory and one of the Tribe's greatest Accomplishments was playing at the 2014 Jazz Festival. We packed 500+ fans under a tent for two sets of awesome jazz and funk, getting the entire tribe on stage for a great night. Since then MVT has continued to rack up over 100 shows every year and completed our first tour this February. We'll be going on tour again this May, so look out for our show listings which will be released soon!

   Aside from playing, composing, and managing MVT; I also have been involved with many other bands, which I will list below along with other groups who I believe deserve your recognition! 

My Friends:

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