MVT blurs the line between genres with their new single "Light Pollution"

     With influences of funk, jazz and other musical genres,  the “Mike Vadala Tribe,” or MVT as the band goes by, breaks the binds of jazz and funk, and adds a modern twist. After releasing two albums, performing in 2014 at the Rochester International Jazz Festival, and touring in the northeast, MVT is ready to release its new single, “Light Pollution,” with an EP to follow in August of this year titled The Fredonia Session including: Michael Vadala on keyboards, Aaron Walters on keyboards and percussion, Jamie Greene on drums, and Ben Crossgrove on bass.

     Drawing inspiration from groups such as Snarky Puppy and Robert Glasper Experiment, MVT has a jazzy, instrumental ensemble feel. MVT originated in Rochester, NY six years ago and has now relocated to Nashville, TN. When performing, MVT can have three to as many as 20 musicians on stage at a time.

     “Light Pollution” begins with deep instrumentals and eases into an ambient groove. The band uses dynamics well to illustrate a different feel in each section. The “chorus” of this instrumental piece is a high energy hip hop beat with quick moving chords and a crunchy bass synth that sits in the front of the mix. The bridge is very colorful and pleasing to the ear, this is where you can really start to hear a story being told. The single uses jazz and hip hop influences mixed with deep trance instrumentals; MVT is breaking the boundary of genre and experimenting with new and creative sounds. Look out for a video release from MVT that takes you live inside of The Fredonia Session in early July and their EP release August 1st.